Tote Super is all up to date.

Tote Super is all up to date.


The Tote is today (28th September 2021) announcing that The Tote’s super arrears are all paid out and are up to date.  All Tote super is now within terms and there are no liabilities with the ATO administered Commonwealth Government’s Super Guarantee.

Editorial review of the ABC on-line articles.

In relation to the ABC online articles by Matilda Marozzi that covered the super issue, a complaint was lodged by Bar Open and the Tote for editorial review. The outcome was that the ABC admitted the shortcomings of the articles acknowledging “the absence of material context”. The following Editor’s Note was added by the ABC.

“Editor’s Note 23/08/2021: Additional context has been included in this article to explain that the owners of the Tote and Bar Open self-reported to the ATO and have a superannuation repayment plan in place”.

ABC online updated their Super Article by Matilda Marozzi to add the following statement.

“Co-owners Jon Perring and Sam Crupi said they self-reported the unpaid super to the ATO and are up to date with their payment plan”

The unfortunate use of the inflammatory language such as the terms “short changed” and “stooged”, used in the ABC online article, is contested by The Tote and can now be contrasted against the resolution of the super issue. These sensationalist invectives can be seen for what they are always were. False. We believe the subject deserves deeper and measured coverage that interrogates the systemic shortcomings of superannuation collection and its widespread non-compliance. Weaponizing language, selective and opportunistic reporting is, we believe, counterproductive to all affected.